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**Colors will be similar but not exactly like those pictured.**
**Long term exposure to direct sunlight may cause fading.**
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#0802   Pineapple
17 1/4" x 8 1/2"
#0803   Palm Tree
19 1/4" x13"
      The Process
The designs are traced onto sheet copper then hand cut and hand formed.  The piece is then torched and the bare copper changes to reds, oranges and yellows. All pieces with browns have an oil splattered onto the surface that turns to browns when heated with a torch. A final coat of gloss enamel protects and seals the copper.
The Compass Rose and the 5 Elements are created with an etching process. After the circles are cut they are masked off with a design and placed in an acid bath. The exposed copper is dissolved, leaving a raised image. An antiquing patina is applied and a final coat of gloss enamel 
protects and seals the copper.
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#1102-L  Gecko
9" x 20"
#1102-R  Gecko
9" x 20"
#1102-LR  Geckos set of two
9" x 20"
#1001-L  Frog
9" x 16"
#1001-R  Frog
9" x 16"
#1001-LR  Frogs set of two
9" x 16"
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