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 Jeff Hinkley     Artist
                                                                                         Copper Wall Sculpture
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The Artist
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"I love to work with copper.  It is my favorite medium to work with. Copper is a warm, earthy metal with great versatility. It can be easily formed, etched, colored with chemicals or heat to be transformed into beautiful wall art that will last forever. Please take some time to view the Gallery pages to see the unique wall sculptures I have created. I am always open to custom work. You can see a few of my custom copper artworks on the Custom Artwork link on the Gallery pages."
Jeff Hinkley
On Sale
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I have been creating high quality copper wind chimes for over 20 years in a variety of styles and sizes. They have wonderfully mellow tones and are built to last.
Please go to  to view. You will not be disappointed. They can also be purchased directly from the website.
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