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The Artist
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       Custom Artwork
Enlarged View
Full Cabinet View
Copper Etchings
Cabinet Door Inserts
14 1/2" x 26 1/2"
Enlarged View
Copper Mirror Frame
Master Bath Cabinet
29 3/4" x 48 3/8" x 7"
Enlarged View
Copper Header
Guest Bath
8" x 36"
Enlarged View
Side View
Full View behind customer's Artwork
Copper Centerpiece with
Black Onyx Sphere
14" diameter
Enlarged View
Full view on Customer's House
Copper Light Sconce
11" x 21" x 4"
After a few weeks of natural oxidation
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Night view
Front Entrance
Night view
Back Porch 
Enlarged View
Copper Light Fixture
11" x 26"
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 Night Views
Enlarged View
Compass Rose
36" Diameter
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                     40" x 72"                                                                                    40" x 40"
                                                    Matching Copper Mirror Frames             
Custom Artwork Page 2
Custom Artwork Page 2
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