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#0713 "Gateway to Brahman"
39" x 39"              $5,000.00
Enlarge          Side View    
"The awakened serpent rises through the 
 eight wheels to open the gateway to Brahman."
Kundalini, meaning “coiled” in Sanskrit, is a primal, spiritual energy that rests at the base of the spine. When “awoken” it rises up the spine, activating the chakras, to the top of the head bringing illumination. This sculpture is an abstract representation of the rise of Kundalini within the human body. The celtic cross within the center window of each plate is a chakra. The black center sphere is the gateway to Brahman, pure being and consciousness. The sculpture shows all of the chakras aligned. The symbol on each plate matches the center symbol in its window and the gateway is open to Brahman.
Special Techniques
All of the designs have been created through a chemical etching process that creates a raised image or relief. An antiquing patina has been applied to the bare copper and brass to give the sculpture an aged look.
For information on ordering, shipping costs or any other questions, please call Jeff Hinkley at 772-288-0926.
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